3 Reasons Why You Should Never Run Your HVAC System Without An Air Filter


If you're dealing with a clogged air filter, then you're probably wondering if you're better off operating your HVAC system without an air filter at all. An air filter completely caked with dust, dirt and debris won't do any favors for your unit's performance or air quality, but the lack of an air filter could be even worse. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't go without an air filter in your HVAC system.

It's an Open Invitation for Dust, Dirt, and Debris

Running your HVAC system without an air filter is akin to leaving the front door of your house wide open - it's an invitation for anyone and everyone to come and go as they please. An air filter essentially screens the air entering your HVAC system for unwanted dust, dirt and debris. Without this screen, it'll be impossible to control what goes in - and eventually comes out of your HVAC system.

If you think dust is a problem for your home, then imagine how much of a problem it can be for your heating and cooling system. While the average burglar can rob you of your belongings, the dirt and dust that enters your HVAC system unhindered can eventually rob your unit of its performance.

It Could Harm Your Health

Think about the millions of allergy-triggering airborne particles (including dust, pet dander, pollen and volatile organic compounds) that are present in your home's indoor air. Now think about the hundreds of cubic feet of indoor air that passes through your HVAC system with every minute of its operation.

An air filter helps preserve and even improve your home's indoor air quality by blocking many of these harmful allergens from circulating throughout your HVAC system. Without one, you're exposed to a wide variety of viruses, bacteria, spores and other airborne pollutants that can easily trigger severe allergy or asthma symptoms, especially in children and elderly adults.

It Could Lead to an Eventual Breakdown

Your HVAC system uses an air filter for a very good reason - to keep dust and debris out of the inner workings of your unit. Running your HVAC system sans air filter allows heavy amounts of dust and debris to build up within the various components of your HVAC system. For example, heavy dust and debris buildup inside the compressor or blower fan motor could lead to overheating and eventual failure. A thick coat of debris on the evaporator coil can keep the unit from cooling your home properly, adding enough stress to your HVAC system to trigger an eventual breakdown.


1 March 2017

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