Get Ready For Summer With Home Air Conditioning Maintenance


When you are getting excited about the hot summer months ahead, it's important to remember your air conditioning system. While you may be loving the cool breezes coming in your window right now, the hot, sticky weather isn't far behind. To get the most out of your home air conditioning system, get it serviced before you need to put it to work every day. While it may turn on, a system that hasn't been serviced isn't ready to work hard to keep you cool in the hot weather. A service technician will look over your system carefully, identify any repair needs, and take care of routine maintenance so that your system is less likely to break down.

Improve Your Air Conditioner's Efficiency

Your air conditioner is going to run more efficiently after it has been serviced. If the filters are left clogged from the previous season, your system will need to work harder to cool down your home. This will cost you more money in utility bills and it can cause the system to break down faster. With your coolant filled up and the belts properly lubricated, your system is going to be able to run better.

Pay Attention to Air Flow

If you haven't turned on your air conditioner for a while, you might have placed furniture, clothing, or bookcases in front of necessary air vents. Take a look around your home and make sure you don't have any vents blocked. Look for ways to circulate air throughout your air-conditioned areas to make for a more even temperature. Ceiling fans and regular standing fans are a great way to keep air flowing freely.

Give Your System a Break

It can be hard to break the habit of always turning on your air conditioner to cool down your home. The air outside could be cool while the indoor temperature is stifling because the windows have been shut all day. Pay attention to the outdoor temperature and open your windows wide when it is cool out so you can give your system a break. When you run your air conditioning system daily for months, it is more likely to break down.

Your air conditioning system needs maintenance before you use it consistently. Talk with an air conditioning service about scheduling a maintenance appointment. Prepare by removing any debris that has accumulated around your outdoor unit indoor vents, and get ready for the hot months ahead.


20 May 2019

Cool off Your AC Bill

Every summer, I agonized over energy bills that would shoot into the stratosphere as a result of my efforts to keep cool in the heat. Every time I turned the temperature down, my bills increased. This summer, I decided to take some of the control over my energy bill back. I installed reflective film on my windows that reduced the amount of light and heat coming into the house. I started serving more cold meals or asking my husband to barbecue outside, so that my air conditioner didn't have to compete with the hot stove, and I started doing laundry at night to reduce appliance heat in the house at peak times. I also had ceiling fans installed. So far, the difference in my bill has been tremendous. This blog is a way for me to explore other ways to reduce energy drain during the summer months.