What If Your Air Conditioner Experiences These Common Issues?


If you have turned on your AC only to find that it isn't working, you aren't alone. It's a common issue that people realize all too late in the year. The good news is that these repairs can be taken care of easily and quickly.

So, how can you be sure that you make the right choice for your AC repairs? This is what you need to know about the different air conditioning issues you may face and what to do about them.

What If Your AC Doesn't Turn On?

There are many reasons why an air conditioner doesn't turn on when you expect it to. For example, your home could have been involved in a storm and you need to reset your circuit breaker. Your thermostat could be broken. There are many reasons for this, and you may not be able to diagnose the problem on your own.

What If the AC Isn't Getting Cool Enough?

Your AC might not get as cold as it used to because it requires some maintenance, like a change in your air filter. You might also have some sort of issue with the outdoor unit, which an AC technician might need to check for you. If the problem is with just one or two rooms, the issue might be with other things, like the windows or lack of blinds in your home.

What If Your Electric Bill Is Higher Each Month?

It's normal for your electric bill to increase in the summer when you use your AC a lot, but what happens when you notice your bill growing and growing? It could be that you have a lot of air escaping from your home, perhaps through open windows and gaps around doors. It could also be that your thermostat isn't reading the temperature of the home correctly. Some of these issues are ones you can manage on your own, but if your problem is with insulation in the attic or poor weather stripping, an AC technician might help you.

What If Your Thermostat Is Broken?

One common problem is a broken thermostat. If you've had a thermostat for a while, it might be time for a repair or replacement to reflect the times. An AC technician can help you with this.

Call an AC Repair Technician Today

If you think that something is wrong with your air conditioner, call an air conditioning repair service today. AC repair can help you survive any season of the year.


19 October 2020

Cool off Your AC Bill

Every summer, I agonized over energy bills that would shoot into the stratosphere as a result of my efforts to keep cool in the heat. Every time I turned the temperature down, my bills increased. This summer, I decided to take some of the control over my energy bill back. I installed reflective film on my windows that reduced the amount of light and heat coming into the house. I started serving more cold meals or asking my husband to barbecue outside, so that my air conditioner didn't have to compete with the hot stove, and I started doing laundry at night to reduce appliance heat in the house at peak times. I also had ceiling fans installed. So far, the difference in my bill has been tremendous. This blog is a way for me to explore other ways to reduce energy drain during the summer months.