Your First Furnace Replacement: Common Concerns Addressed


Your furnace is a major component of your home, and you may not truly understand that until it's time to have your furnace replaced. With a good HVAC company in your corner, there should really be nothing to worry about. But it's still nice to have a basic understanding of what's going on so you can answer your contractor's questions and make informed decisions along the way. The following are some questions people often have the first time they have a furnace replacement done.

Will they have to replace the ducts, too?

In most cases, the answer is "no." Ducts can last much, much longer than the average furnace. Your HVAC contractor might need to replace the immediate section of ductwork that connects to the furnace if your new furnace is a different size than the old one, but that's it.

Do you have to put the new furnace in the same spot?

That depends. It is usually easiest for the HVAC contractor to put the new furnace in about the same spot as the old one. This saves them from having to run new wires, gas lines, and ducts. However, if you have a reason for wanting your new furnace in a different spot, an HVAC contractor can usually move it. You'll just have to pay more since this means more work for them.

What is a two-stage furnace?

These days, it is really common for HVAC contractors to recommend their clients replace their old furnaces with two-stage furnaces. These are just furnaces that run on two modes: high and low. They run on low most of the time and only switch to high when it's very cold. A two-stage furnace can save you money on energy in comparison to a single-stage furnace that just has an "on" and "off" mode.

How long will it take them to replace your furnace?

You might be imagining yourself shivering away without heat for a few days while your HVAC contractor works, but this is not the reality. HVAC companies can usually replace a furnace within a day. Your home may get a bit chilly in this time if it's the dead of winter, but it should not be too bad.

Furnace replacement is not that hard to navigate as a homeowner. With a good HVAC company and the information above, you really have all you need to get a new furnace in place.

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27 July 2023

Cool off Your AC Bill

Every summer, I agonized over energy bills that would shoot into the stratosphere as a result of my efforts to keep cool in the heat. Every time I turned the temperature down, my bills increased. This summer, I decided to take some of the control over my energy bill back. I installed reflective film on my windows that reduced the amount of light and heat coming into the house. I started serving more cold meals or asking my husband to barbecue outside, so that my air conditioner didn't have to compete with the hot stove, and I started doing laundry at night to reduce appliance heat in the house at peak times. I also had ceiling fans installed. So far, the difference in my bill has been tremendous. This blog is a way for me to explore other ways to reduce energy drain during the summer months.