Feeling Sick? The Problem Could Be Lurking In Your Home


Do you feel sick all the time? Do you spend the majority of your time coughing, sneezing, and just feeling downright yucky? If you do, and the doctor has given you a clean bill of health, the problem could be with your house. That's right. Your own home could be the cause of your constant discomfort. You might not realize this, but problems inside your home can cause you to experience symptoms of sickness.

15 August 2017

Key Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask An Air Conditioning Expert Prior To Having Their Unit Serviced


Given that throughout parts of the United States, the summer temperatures often seem to start early and last a long time, it's easy to just turn the air conditioner on when it gets hot. However, doing so isn't always the best idea and instead, it's often recommended to have the unit evaluated by a qualified professional on a regular basis. Otherwise, there is the risk of serious issues developing due to a minor issue, such as concerns with the ductwork, that manifested during the winter.

2 August 2017

3 Ways To Prevent A Clog From Happening In Your Toilet


If your toilet gets clogged frequently, there are things that you can do that will help to make sure that the pipes don't clog so that your toilet doesn't overflow on a regular basis. Take a look at the following suggestions: Plunge  One common time for your toilet to clog up and overflow is after a bowel movement. That's because they tend to not go down the pipes as easily as other things might.

21 July 2017

Concerned About Water Heater Safety? Here Are A Few Do's And Don'Ts


Water heaters may seem like relatively benign pieces of equipment, but there are plenty of dangers lurking in the background. A poorly maintained or defective water heater can easily cause a fire or explosion, which could result in serious injuries and severe structural damage to your home. There are plenty of things you should do—as well as things you should avoid at all cost—that can help keep your water heater safe and in great shape.

5 July 2017

Time To Service Your AC? 4 Reasons You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned Too


Now that summer is here, it's time to get your air conditioner serviced. A thorough servicing before the heat waves arrive, will ensure that your air conditioner is up to the task of keeping you cool this summer. While you're having your air conditioner serviced, you'll also want to have your ducts cleaned. Starting the summer with clean ducts will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, and ensure that the air that's flowing through your home is clean.

21 June 2017

3 Strategies For Lowering The Cost Of Your Air Conditioner


An air conditioner is a must-have appliance for those who live in regions punished by high summertime heat. Unfortunately, enjoying the luxury of a cool home often comes with an exorbitant price tag. If you would like to increase your knowledge of the ways in which a cooling bill can be lowered, read on. This article will discuss three effective strategies. Eliminate air leaks. It has been estimated that air leaks can result in air conditioning energy losses as great as 30 percent.

6 June 2017

Why All Homeowners Should Not Overlook AC Maintenance


Many homeowners do not view their AC maintenance as a necessary expense. This will usually lead to inoperable systems at some point. If some people understood what technicians do during servicing, they would likely choose to get their systems serviced to avoid future expenses that could exceed what it would have cost them to keep their systems maintained. The following points will help you understand why AC maintenance and how it protects you.

19 May 2017

Three Springtime Furnace Mistakes To Avoid


Spring is here so you will likely be shutting down the furnace for the season. Before you move on to using your cooling system, though, take some time to review the following to ensure you aren't making any major furnace mistakes. #1: Leaving the old filter in the furnace Take the time to change out your air filter one last time after you shut down the furnace in spring. It's also a good idea to take a vacuum or shop vac and clean out the filter slot.

10 April 2017

Zoning Systems: Stay Comfortable Without Forcing Your HVAC System To Work Harder


With an HVAC zoning system, you can cool or heat areas of your home individually. These systems range from simple to complex. They all can help you stay comfortable while giving you a means to reduce your energy usage. Uneven Cooling and Heating Does it take far longer to reach a comfortable temperature in one area than it does in another? Is the downstairs a sauna while the upstairs feels like a winter wonderland?

31 March 2017

What To Do If One Of Your Rooms Isn't Being Heated By Your Furnace


If your home's furnace isn't heating one of your rooms as well as the rest of the house, then you have a mystery to solve. When one room is not being heated evenly, there is always a problem, because your furnace is designed to heat your entire home equally. To determine what the problem is with your home's furnace, use this simple troubleshooting procedure: Step 1: Feel the Airflow Coming Out of the Vents

15 March 2017