3 Indicators Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs More Refrigerant


Refrigerant or freon is the lifeblood of your air conditioning unit. Therefore, when the refrigerant levels go down, your unit won't cool your home as it should. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to determine if your unit has low refrigerant. This is because the signs of low refrigerant are similar to other air conditioner problems. However, before you call in an air conditioning repair technician to refill refrigerant in your unit, look out for the following three indicators.

8 November 2021

3 Gas Furnace Failure Conditions To Recognize


Gas furnace problems can be frustrating to experience. While dealing with any HVAC problem is never much fun, furnace failures often mean choosing between frigid indoor temperatures and expensive emergency repairs. Furnaces can fail for many reasons, but these failures often produce a relatively predictable set of symptoms. Before the cold season begins in earnest, it can be helpful to learn a bit about the problems you may face if your furnace develops issues.

7 October 2021

Hearing Unfamiliar Noises From Your Residential AC System? Potential Repair Issues To Consider


In most households, the softly humming sounds made by the air conditioning system serve as comforting reassurance that the cooling system is working and the home will continue to be a comfortable refuge from summer's heat. If strange noises begin to take the place of that familiar humming noise, however, repair issues may soon follow.  Homeowners who are feeling unsettled about some of the sounds their air conditioning system is emitting can use the following information to help them determine the likely cause and develop the best plan for addressing it.

15 September 2021

Knowing Why Your Residential Air Conditioning System Is Making A Buzzing Sound


If you rely on a modern air conditioner to cool your home during the hot summer months, you're probably familiar with its quiet operation. If the unit starts making unusual noises while it's running, this is an indication that something's wrong and immediate investigation must be initiated.  One of the most common AC noises that you should keep an ear out for is a buzzing sound coming from your AC system.

18 August 2021

Regular HVAC Maintenance For Cost And Operational Efficiencies


HVAC systems are essential for all modern homes. They enhance a home's ambiance and atmosphere by regulating its indoor temperature and air quality. HVAC systems regulate the temperature in a home by heating the air during cold seasons and cooling it during hot weather. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that HVAC systems always operate at peak efficiency. Typically, HVAC systems, just like other machines and systems, wear and tear with continued use.

28 July 2021

4 Important Reasons to Schedule a Professional Furnace Repair Service


When the weather gets colder, furnaces are often put under extra stress and can break down more easily. It is important to have your furnace on a regular maintenance schedule because that will allow you to keep it in good shape and avoid any costly repairs. Many people choose to get their furnace repair service scheduled before winter starts. This article will discuss four reasons why scheduling a professional furnace repair service now could save you money in the long run.

29 June 2021

Understanding How Your Home Affects Your New Furnace Purchase


The best time to replace a furnace is whenever your old furnace fails. Many people may choose to put off installing a new furnace once summer and spring arrive, but cold snaps can show up just as unexpectedly as heatwaves. Delaying your new furnace installation can mean getting caught out without heat once summer gives way to fall. When selecting a new furnace, many people choose one with a similar capacity to their old units.

28 May 2021