What To Know About Your HVAC System And Humidity


The humidity from the summer heat can make you feel miserable. It will feel uncomfortable inside and outside your home, even if the temperatures are not that hot outside. Thankfully, your HVAC system can help you deal with humidity and improve your home's comfort. Here is what you need to know about humidity and your HVAC system. The Effects Of Humidity When air becomes warm, it increases its ability to retain water vapor.

16 October 2019

What To Expect With Duct Cleaning


If your HVAC system needs a bit of a revamp, it may be time for a duct cleaning service. HVAC maintenance and repair includes duct cleaning, which helps you clear up dirty and clogged ducts in your home. Duct cleaning is important because it allows your workflow to remain strong and your energy bills to remain low. Plus, cleaning improves the quality of the air in your home. Not sure what to expect when you have your ducts cleaned?

5 September 2019

3 Advanced Features To Look For In Your Next Heat Pump


If you're looking for an HVAC system that can easily tackle your heating and cooling needs, a heat pump is the way to go. Heat pumps stand apart from other conventional HVAC systems thanks to their dual functionality. A heat pump not only keeps your home cool during the summer, but it can quickly switch gears and provide indoor heat when you need it most. In addition to good SEER and HSPF ratings, you'll also want to find a heat pump that offers the latest features.

12 July 2019

Installing A Heat Pump That Also Cools: What You Should Know


Heat pumps heat. Heat pumps also cool. Bet you did not know that! Now that you know that a dual-function heat pump can do both, you might be interested in swapping your old furnace and air conditioner for a single unit that does it all. Here are some more things to note about these dual-function heat pumps.  It Is Not Just Convenient, But Efficient Too Turn on your furnace, and it takes time to heat up the house.

25 June 2019

Get Ready For Summer With Home Air Conditioning Maintenance


When you are getting excited about the hot summer months ahead, it's important to remember your air conditioning system. While you may be loving the cool breezes coming in your window right now, the hot, sticky weather isn't far behind. To get the most out of your home air conditioning system, get it serviced before you need to put it to work every day. While it may turn on, a system that hasn't been serviced isn't ready to work hard to keep you cool in the hot weather.

20 May 2019

Here Comes The Heat: How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer


The temperatures are mild right now, but things will start heating up as soon as summer arrives. When that does happen, you'll want to be ready to keep your home as cool as possible. Don't get left with an unbearably hot home. Here are some simple tips that will help you maintain a cool, comfortable home this summer. Service Your Air Conditioner If you want to stay cool this summer, service your air conditioner before the temperatures start to rise.

7 April 2019

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Central AC Unit Keeps Freezing Up


After discovering that your home is not as cool as it should be with the air conditioner running, you may have looked outside and noticed a sheet of ice blocking the air vents. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why your central AC unit is freezing up, especially if it keeps happening on a regular basis. 1.  Thermostat Is Turned Down Too Low at Night One possible reason why your AC unit keeps freezing up is that you are turning the thermostat down too low at night.

24 February 2019