3 Reasons Why You Should Never Run Your HVAC System Without An Air Filter


If you're dealing with a clogged air filter, then you're probably wondering if you're better off operating your HVAC system without an air filter at all. An air filter completely caked with dust, dirt and debris won't do any favors for your unit's performance or air quality, but the lack of an air filter could be even worse. Here are three reasons why you shouldn't go without an air filter in your HVAC system.

1 March 2017

Five Reasons Your AC Isn't Removing the Humidity in Your Home


You may think of your air conditioner as a device that cools your home, but this isn't entirely true. Air conditioners do more than cool the air. They condition the air by removing humidity and by lowering the temperature. Under normal circumstances, turning on the AC produces cool, comfortable air, but sometimes doing so can produce cool, damp air instead. There are a number of reasons this can occur. Your Air Conditioner Is Too Large for the Space

13 December 2016

How to Keep Water Out of Heating Oil Tanks


It's been said that oil and water don't mix, and that old axiom is certainly true when it comes to heating systems. Water inside of an oil-fired burner along with its associated plumbing and storage tank can create significant problems. Corrosion caused by water can penetrate pipes, leading to oil leaks and expensive cleanup. In addition, burners and boilers won't fire properly if water is mixed in the fuel, and this reduces heating efficiency and shortens the lifespan of equipment.

25 July 2016

Paint Commercial Refrigerator Skins Made Of G90 Galvanized Steel To Protect Them


Restaurants often call commercial refrigeration services to repair broken fridges, but repair companies are also able to perform preventative maintenance. Specifically, they can paint the skin, which is the outermost part of a refrigerator's walls, which may help extend the appliance's life if the skins are made of G90 Galvanized Steel. Not all commercial refrigerators' skins are constructed from G90 Galvanized Steel, but many are. If you run a restaurant that has refrigerators with skins made of this metal, here's how having the skins of your restaurant's refrigerators painted could help them last longer.

1 April 2016

Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid When Installing Radiant Floor Heat


When you're looking for a consistent, comfortable heating choice for your home, radiant floor heat is a great option. While the installation process is fairly straightforward, there are some areas where problems could arise. If you're looking to be sure that you are getting the most return on your investment, you'll want to be sure that you mitigate any potential installation risks. Here are some of the common issues that can arise during both the initial building construction and the radiant floor installation itself.

15 January 2016

3 Reasons To Replace Your Fresh Water Pipes In Your House


While it might seem like a big task to you, replacing the fresh water pipes in your home might be something you need to do. This task is needed when the plumbing pipes wear out, which naturally occurs over time, and you will benefit from this in several ways. Here are three main reasons you should consider replacing the fresh water pipes in your home. Poor Water Pressure If your home has poor water pressure, it could be due to a number of things, but a common cause of this is clogged pipes.

11 September 2015

How to Replace a Condensate Overflow Switch on a Central Air Conditioning System


If your central air conditioning system won't turn on, there is a possibility the condensate overflow switch has failed and needs replacing. Fortunately, replacing this switch is simple and the part only costs a few dollars in most cases. Below is what you need to know about the functioning of the switch and how you can replace it: What the condensate overflow switch does and why it's necessary Central air conditioning systems remove a significant amount of water from a home's air on a daily basis, and this condensate is drained from the system through a network of pipes.

27 August 2015