4 Common Ways A Furnace Repair Contractor Can Boost Your Furnace Efficiency


Your energy bill can increase quickly due to furnace problems. If you are like most homeowners, the chances are that you are looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of your furnace and cut down your energy bills. Fortunately, this article will break down four common ways a furnace repair expert can make your furnace more efficient and lower your energy bills.  1. Replace Old and Clogged Filters When you think of clogged air filters, think about how difficult it is to get clean air from a kinked hose.

25 February 2022

3 Common Commercial AC Repairs


An AC unit is a complex piece of equipment, and sometimes multiple things need to be done at once in order to have your AC up and running successfully. When you have a few repairs that need to be completed on your AC, it is important that you have a professional technician who has experience with these types of issues come in and diagnose the issue correctly so you can get back to cooling.

27 January 2022

3 Signs Of A Faulty Furnace Capacitor


A capacitor provides the electrical energy needed to jumpstart the fan motors of your furnace. With a faulty capacitor, your heating system becomes extremely hot on the inside. As a result, the safety switch trips, which causes your furnace to shut down. So, your home stays unheated until a professional replaces the furnace capacitor.  Learn some signs a defective capacitor exhibits before your furnace shuts down.  Short Cycling The capacitor should be in the best shape for your furnace blower motor to run efficiently.

4 January 2022